Victor Sagalovsky was born in the Soviet Union, immigrated with his family to the US at the age of 7, and started out win his early 20’s as an innovator in plant based culinary art. Having opened, in 1995, the first organic gourmet raw food restaurant in North America. This inaugurated a path of ceaseless invention, scientific inquiry, and academic research into manry arts and sciences.

For 20+ years he studied the subject of water, its chemistry and secrets. As a long time resident of the Hawaiian Islands, he has extensive knowledge and experience in permaculture and is a teacher of movement. Beyond being a thought leader in health, wellness and yoga, Victor Sagalovsky has been in innovator on other technically demanding industries.

He played foundational role in a start-up that rose to become the biggest 3D motion picture technology in Hollywood, ( Seven years working in Hollywood, he earned a number of firsts in technical achievement in 3D cinematography, engineering and production. In short Vicotr Sagalovsky has conceived, coordinated, and created a lot of very cool styff; he is a polymath specializing in exploring and bringing forth the esoteric, disruptive, healthy and soulful. 

He earned a BA in Multimedia Performing Arts, and a minor in Hawaiian Studies from the University of Hawaii as well as three years studying History, Art, International Business and Finance at Loyola University, Chicago and Rome, Italy. He is a graduate of the film program at San Francisco State University. He has also completed apprenticeships in chemistry, molecular biology and coursework in optical microscopy and molecular biology and considers himself a citizen scientist.

He is the author of Gold: Catalyst of Radiant Health, a book the history and science of the medicinal benefits of gold, and also the founder of He has also written numerous articles and guides in excess deuterium and other damaging isotopes and when this is properly managed we will be able radically extend our lifespans. In 2018 he co-founded Litewater Scientific ( dedicated to the research, development and production of deuterium depleted water and unraveling the secrets of becoming a superhuman.