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Our guests are extremely generous as you will see from the offers they are providing to Ageless and Timeless viewers/subscribers. Please use Michele Hughes and/or “AGELESS” code to qualify for your discount. Hopefully these incentives will open new doors for you in your journey to life long learning, health and beauty and ultimately greater fulfillment.

Dr Todd Ovokaitys

Use Code AGELESS for 20% Off Michele’s Recommended Qigenix and Gematria products.


Phone: (844) 347-4737 & (760) 931-8563 respectively.

Robert Slovak

Use Code AGELESS for 10% Off Michele’s Recommended Water and Wellness products.


Phone: (877) 296-6880

Dr Mike Chan

Use Code AGELESS for 20% Off Michele’s Recommended European Wellness products, and 10% off European Wellness services.


Phone: (888) 706-1245

Arden Ballard

Use Code AGELESS for 30% off your first month, as well as your fourth month free (+ FREE SHIPPING). 


Phone: (800) 280-2456 x102

James White

Quote AGELESS and TIMELESS with KMBO diagnostics for 20% off with Dr. Silke Heine Holistic Nutrition
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: (617) 933 8130

Dr. Patrick K. Porter

Use Code AGELESS for $100 off the BrainTap Power Bundle which is a the BrainTap headset, plus 1 yr app subscription!
Phone: (302) 721 6677

Dr. Rob Silverman

Reach out to Michele for a FREE 30 minute immune consultation with Dr. Silverman AND a free copy of IMMUNE REBOOT!

Contact Michele: [email protected]

Phone:  (808) 639-0904

Phil Micans

Use Code AGELESS for 15% off your order from:

Dr. Bill Lawrence

Book a consultation with Dr. Bill Lawrence. Only by contacting Michele first.

Contact Michele:

[email protected]

(808) 639 0904


Ryan Smith

Use the CODE: Michele20 for a 20% discount in TruDiagnostic testing services.

For any questions please reach out to:

[email protected]

Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

Use CODE: AGELESS10 for a 10% discount on BLI ACADEMY subscription price.

George King

Contact George on instagram @Georgekingv mentioning our podcast and obtain:

50% off on initial price on

 1-1 online call

1-1 private coaching


Dr. Dayan Goodenowe

First 10 people to contact our host Michele at: [email protected] gets a free copy of the book “Breaking Alzheimer’s” by Dr. Goodenowe

Dr. Darshan Shah

Mentioned our Podcast and use the code AGELESS to get one in person free consultation on Next Health one of the most advanced clinics in the world. Next Health is available in the following locations:

West Hollywood, CA
Century City, CA
Studio City, CA
New York City, NY
Four Seasons Resort Maui, HI

Dr. Zulia Frost

Get started with your recovery journey and let us help! Get $80 off when purchasing a FlexBeam, the revolutionary recovery device. Use our promotional link:

Kashif Khan

$50 off the DNA 360 Test Kits & Reports.  Use the code AGELESS at checkout, or use the url for it to automatically apply at checkout.

Debbi Barber

Visit use code AGELESS at checkout for a 20% discount in all skincare products!

Ross Pelton

Free resources for Ageless and Timeless listeners:

Link to Ross’ paper titled The Microbiome Theory of Aging, which was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Integrative Medicine.  

Article Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3:  A New Era in Glutathione Therapy

Jay Campbell

Learn more about Peptides and how to use the correctly! Download Jay Campbell’s Peptide Cheat Sheet for free here:


Available only for Ageless and Timeless viewers:

Download all of his books for free HERE