Sandra Costa is aleader in the design industry presenting innovative architectural project designs and monumental concepts. Ms. Costa is the CEO of the Sandra Costa Design Group, a Los Angeles based team who puts the utmost precedence on every project and creates concepts for exceptional lifestyle experiences.

Ms. Costa appreciates the vision and importance of delivering the right design by incorporating state of the art technology and proper form, with particular regard to the local environment, wellness applications and Eco-friendly products.

Sandra Costa is a Log angeles business woman with an extensive Global network of design, construction, solar, power, water, finance, scientific and engineering related relationships. From timeless projects design, furniture design and manufacturing and automation. Ms.Costa ensures that every project has integrated tomorrow’s technology into today’s designs, all in a holistic, user-friendly manner. Sandra Costa brings a power packed culturally diverse intellectual group of master technicians and artisans ready to make a substantial difference while striving to reach ten star ratings.

A devoted mother and grandmother, poet, artist and entrepreneur, Sandra Costa prioritizes time efficiently, ensuring her personal and professional life benefit and shar from her in apt intuition, sense of humor, worldly experience and knowledge.