BrainTap® creator Patrick K. Porter, PhD. dedicated his life to studying neuropsychology. For years it was believed that we have a set number of brain cells, that our intelligence quotient is fixed, and that our brains do not change. Dr. Porter’s clinical experience and research told a different story, revealing that the human brain is, in fact, plastic, making it capable of change, improvement, and expansion.

Dr. Porter’s exploration sparked incredible transformation for thousands of people. In 2014, with the emerging Apple and Android mobile devices, he saw the opportunity to impact millions by leveraging these new mobile app platforms by founding the brain fitness company – BrainTap®.

Since then, BrainTap has brought hope to countless lives from business leaders, parents, professional athletes, struggling students, and others in need. BrainTap has proven that your brain can be retrained to operate at its best and that it’s never too late to tap into your brain’s fullest ability.BrainTap is now established as the global leader in brain fitness. With its state-of-the-art headset and a library of over 1,800 guided-audio programs – the company has made great strides in revitalizing the mental clarity, confidence, and energy of extraordinary individuals worldwide.

From heads of state to athletic superstars, educators, C-suite executives, founders, and everyday people wanting to be at their best, BrainTap® continues to serve humanity in transformative ways.

We see a future where a billion brains are better because of BrainTap®.