Michael Carnevale, hailing from New York City, currently splits his time between Hutchinson Island,
Florida, and Patillas, Puerto Rico. His journey into the realm of health and fitness began during his
college years at CUNY, where he majored in Physical Education and passionately played college
baseball. It was at the age of 17 when Michael’s trajectory was shaped by a transformative encounter
with the legendary fitness icon, Jack La Lanne, igniting his lifelong dedication to the field.
In the vast landscape of the American health, fitness, and functional wellness market, Michael stands out for his strategic acumen and knack for driving impactful results, particularly in wearable wellness
technology. His expertise spans strategic marketing, digital marketing, project management, and professionaltraining, cultivated through diverse experiences both at home and abroad. At Quantus Life Inc., where he

serves as President, Michael spearheads the business development and strategic marketing of cutting-
edge Wearable Wellness Technology, Energy Wellness Products, and Functional Nutritional

Before co-founding Quantus Life Inc., Michael carved out his niche as the co-founder and President of

Body Align Inc., and as the Vice President of Sales and Brand Partner Development at Genelink Bio-
Sciences. His influence in the fitness industry is palpable, having held pivotal roles such as co-founding

Vice President/Marketing Director at Dr. Sears ZoneFit Inc. and President/Owner of Fitness Partners Inc.
Throughout his illustrious career, Michael has consistently delivered profitable sales and marketing
initiatives, driven by an unwavering dedication to innovative strategies. His expertise has earned him a
revered status in wellness lifestyle business development, making him the preferred choice for
businesses looking to elevate their sales and marketing endeavors.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Michael finds solace in the simple joys of life – whether strolling along
the beach, hiking in the mountains, or engaging in cycling and weight training. His philosophy
encapsulates a perpetual quest for growth, encapsulated by the motto, “No matter what we accomplish inlife, we are just getting started.”