Lydia Graham is a passionate advocate, adopter and explorer of healthy living. Her mission is to inspire others to live well and more consciously. She has launched and positioned health and wellness companies and organizations, products and technologies receiving more than 100 awards nationally and internationally.

Her focus is on healthy living and healthy longevity. A child of older parents who aged well and of a mother who was, thankfully, a health enthusiast long before it was popular, Lydia embraced an interest in healthy aging ever since she can remember. Her first business venture was founding a healthy foods company, while still in college.

Lydia is currently building her new platform, Rejuvis® ( focused on healthy living, healthy aging and longevity. In January 2020, she successfully launched an invitation-only inaugural conference on Healthy Longevity featuring top experts in the field.

In the business-to-business arena, in 2021 through the present, she produced a sleep program, “The Post Ranch Sleep Program” for acclaimed Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur featuring Dr. Michael Breus, America’s Sleep Doctor™. For almost 10 years, she provided counsel to one of the largest providers of senior communities in California and their Center for Innovation and Wellness which pilots new technologies and products to help seniors live better. In her prior role as founder and CEO of a leading and award-winning communications firm, she worked with organizations and companies offering services, technologies, and products for health and wellness including for older adults.

Lydia is the Health and Wellness Ambassador for Haute Living San Francisco where she contributes a bi-monthly column reminding her readers what we do each day matters in our journey to achieve ultimate well-being.

While Lydia believes the healthy aging journey is best begun early in life, she emphasizes the body and mind have an amazing capacity to heal and regenerate so it is never too late to begin. She envisions it is becoming possible for people to enjoy a longer healthspan.

Lydia has publicly interviewed a number of leading health experts upon the release of their new best-selling books. She is an integrated nutritional health coach and a trained meditation teacher choosing to work with only a few clients at a time.

She can be reached at [email protected]