Jonathan is the founder of Organixx, an industry-leading supplement company that delivers the highest quality, cleanest organic supplements available. Jonathan started this company because of the huge demand for quality supplements at affordable prices. For the past 14 years, he has been a leading frontrunner in the digital marketing space. As a 23-year entrepreneur, he created and developed the docuseries model, which so many people use today to promote their content.

Jonathan Hunsaker, 40, was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, the youngest of six children. He started in door-to-door sales at a very young age, promoting the Baltimore Sun. After moving to Austin, Texas, he started his first company at 17 and sold it four years later at age 21. Jonathan enjoys traveling and has lived in both Panama and Southern Chile. He’s since returned to the Dallas, Texas area where he is a proud father of his two young daughters, age 2 and 4. He has lost over 35 pounds in six months and over 90 pounds in the last few years after committing to a healthier overall lifestyle, which includes Organixx supplements.

He just completed his first marathon in the summer of 2019. He is a health enthusiast who is passionate about fitness and committed to delivering supplements that can really make a powerful difference in the health and life of others. Organixx supplements are made from only the purest natural ingredients on earth, including USDA Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. Organixx has served over 100,000 happy customers and has received over 10,000 five star reviews for their industry-leading supplements