Dustin Conrad is the Founder of Bands And Body and Creator of Multi-Limb Resistance Training. He has been featured in many magazines and front pages of 2 newspapers for the work he has been doing in the fitness and mental health world. He is an advocate for creating healthy minds and bodies through exercise, diet, and breathing. He has led multiple on stage workouts for thousands of people. He is very active in his community and has coordinated with other gyms and trainers to bring fitness to those in need and all over Santa Monica. He has taught children’s classes for underprivileged youth and constantly aspires to give back in any way he can. He is someone who walks his talk!


Hey I’m Dustin Conrad or “DC” as they call me. Been in the industry for over a decade and founded BandsAndBody (multi-limb resistance band training) in 2012 after seeing repeatedly how fast you can tone up when applying resistance to multiple body parts at once. I define it as the only TRUE functional training method since resistance bands function in exact correlation to your body’s power. From there, it developed into a high-energy music pumping workout that’s easy on the joints, while being hard on the muscles. I’ve trained people from all walks of life from underprivileged you to OVER-privileged A-list Celebs, and even had the honor of torturing a few 80 something year olds at our local beach front senior center.. 
Fitness has taken me ALL over, across many stages, spoken to audiences on various health related topics, imprinted into magazines(EVEN TWO front pagers) Featured Trainer in Documenarty on curing diabetes with exercise and diet, yada yada, Etc etc…. so yeah I’m basically a big deal! Totally messing! And I list out all those not ONLY to brag but to show what’s possible! Definitely wasn’t always like this!!! But, underneath a sarcastic and fun-loving person, I’m also a someone who has struggles and who has prevailed against my own demons of addiction and insanity. I know to my core LITERALLY – what  it’s like to want something SOOOO BAD but be completely unable to make progress in the intended direction…. In 2006, I ended up rupturing two heart valves and had to have open heart surgery performed on me. After that, a totally different kind of opening of the heart took place and I dedicated my lifes work to working on myself and working to help other realize and ACTUALize their fullest potential. A huge part of what has made me a “somewhat” successful person(No mansions yet) in not just my physical life, but my mental landscape as well is: EXERCISE AND NUTRITION. I can’t say enough about how important I feel it is and has been. So I commend anyone who takes their health on with that kind of vigor because its not an easy task. It takes commitment and consistency. I am honored to be the one to walk with you on that path.-DC