Dr. Elena Eustache, also known as The Encyclopedia of Love, is an author, public speaker, and the owner and founder of Eustache Institute – Wellness and Beauty Center.

With a Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Eustache is skilled in many forms of treatment therapies such as Neurofeedback Therapy; Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; Love and Relationship Coaching; Marital and Couples Counseling; Cognitive Behavior Therapy; and Parent Instructor/Coaching.

The Eustache Institute – Wellness and Beauty Center is a renowned and highly successful treatment center that offers a variety of programs in wellness and beauty; recovery for injured athletes; cancer recovery; relationship and individual counseling and coaching, and more.

Through the center’s Wellness program , clients are offered various different treatments such as Neurofeedback; Couple & Relationship Counseling; CBT Coaching; Hyperbaric Oxygen; Pulse Tesla Bed Therapy; Bio-Charger; and Nutrition. The center’s Beauty program offers treatments such as Ultra Slim Weight Loss; Ultra Slim Skin Tightening; Ultra Smooth – Cellulite reduction and smooth skin; Non-Invasive Face-lift; Balance Pro; Styku; Evolve – Weight Loss; Skin Tightening; and Muscling.

Dr. Eustache specializes in the treatment of those suffering from neurological disorders such as, but not limited to: PTSD; Autism; Depression; ADHD; Bipolar Disorder; Alzheimers; Addiction; and ALS. In addition, the institute has a program specifically designed for professional athletes who suffer from Post Concussions Syndrome (PCS) and other brain injuries. Dr. Eustache has helped numerous NFL players overcome their PCS symptoms through the use of Neurofeedback Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

In addition to founding The Eustache Institute – Wellness and Beauty Center, Dr. Eustache also created a unique online dating tool called, “LoveTheApp.” As a professionally trained love and relationship expert and coach, Dr. Eustache has been successful in helping thousands of people heal their broken hearts while seeking true, long-lasting love. You can try the app for yourself at www.LoveTheApp.com. “LoveTheApp” is the only online dating tool designed to help you find your true soul mate, commitment and marriage.

Also, Dr. Eustache is the author of two fabulous books, “The Cure to Your Broken Heart” and “How To Be Feminine.” “The Cure to Your Broken Heart” is a must read book written out of Dr. Eustache’s desire to help others mend their broken hearts and to help them find true love and happiness. “How To Be Feminine” is the book for every relationship because every relationship needs polarity to keep those sparks and chemistry alive. In today’s masculine world, we all need to find the balance of both the feminine and masculine energies as we all have both.

The secret to all of Dr. Eustache’s successes lay in her firm belief that at the end of the day, “We all want to be beautiful, healthy and happy and to find Love.”