Debbi Barber is a highly successful entrepreneur and co-founder of the innovative Vitali Regenerative Skin Care company. After 37 years as the head of a direct marketing firm serving global nonprofit brands, Debbi embraced the opportunity to come out of retirement and create a product that she believed would benefit countless individuals. Her inspiration to develop this product stemmed from her experiences with peptides and their remarkable effects on her health and skin. Dr. Suzanne Turner, one of the leading authorities in the field of peptide
research, was Debbi’s mentor and teacher – introducing her to GHK-Cu as an effective way to treat crepey skin. With her husband’s admiration for GHK-Cu’s incredible healing powers, Debbi set out to create a more cost- effective, high-quality product of this blue peptide that could be accessible to all. 
Through extensive research and study, Debbi has become recognized as an expert in peptides and the optimization of health and skin. She now serves as a resource in her weekly blog posts, which are greatly appreciated by skincare enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. It is thanks to Dr. Suzanne Turner that Debbi has been able to make her dream happen, and she continues her journey toward helping others achieve healthy, radiant skin with Vitali Regenerative Skin Care!