Amy Hyde is the Co-Founder of Mindful Waters, a Modern Wellness Spa located just North of New York City along the Hudson River in Northvale NJ. She and her Partner, Carl Pate, created Mindful Waters as an accessible oasis where one can focus on personal wellness and recovery.

A natural Athlete, Amy grew up surrounded by water in Michigan and attended Kenyon College in Ohio. At Kenyon She majored in Biology, was an All-American Swimmer, and Co-Captain of the 1984 NCAA National Championship Women’s Swim Team. Training under Jim Steen, one of the greatest coaches of all-time. Amy learned that extraordinary performance required more than physical effort. Jim was ahead of his time developing concepts of strength training, intentional nutrition, recovery, breath work, visualization and mental focus, that made the difference in his athletes. His visionary strategies were essential components in achieving their success.

Post college the plan for Amy was medical school but, the call of New York, friends, some early success, and the eventual start of a family, lead to a career in the apparel industry. Early Years with Ralph Lauren were extremely exciting and once again she found herself a part of a team that was doing extraordinary things. As the Mother of two boys and the bread winner for her family, working long hours leading corporate divisions eventually took their toll. In 2007 Amy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. This came as a surprise but, with quick response and focus she put the cancer successfully behind her.

In 2015 both children were grown, the Apparel Industry was changing dramatically, and the door was opened for a reset and start of a “third life”. This time the focus could be helping others and pursuing a greater understanding of biology and human health. Together Amy and Carl envisioned and created Mindful Waters to educate and serve the community by offering primary care through purified water and modern versions of ancient therapies proven to relieve stress and gently support physical and mental well being.