Alex is an Award-Winning International Speaker, Breakthrough Coach, Best Selling Author and Actor. He managed to go from broke and on the verge of living on the street to becoming a speaker for the world’s largest seminar promoting company that represents the likes of Richard Branson, Gary V, Robert Kiyosaki and other leading names in personal development including Tony Robbins who Alex represented for UPW previews around the world.

He has since created numerous events of his own and helps high achieving Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Professionals who have lost focus, purpose and the joy of what it is they are doing and want to get back on the path that pulls them to a life of fulfillment.


You can find him travelling the world speaking, creating resources such as books, online courses and events. He lives to inspire, teach and show anyone what is possible.   

His signature talk: 

Wake Up, 

Go Big, 

& Live Extraordinarily  

Will have you up on your feet and shouting to the skies.  

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Big Income Breakthrough Blueprint:

12 Secrets to Shatter Your Profit Plateau and Build Income that Grows Year After year

After my extensive putting myself out there, falling, getting back up and then falling and getting back up again and again. I was able to uncover certain secrets that would allow me to keep standing and stay standing.

I’ve done the work so you don’t have to pull your face from the dirt.


1. You are never ready but always ready. Time and time again I have clients that are looking to be ready before they take the action. I got news for you, you will never be ready. You put your goal out there, let others know and take a step towards it now, not later. You will see that you will have everything come together by the time the date is up.

2. If you are a perfectionist then you are stunting your growth. The only thing that is perfect is death, so you waiting for that?

What has given me the quantum speed to delivering results is my “don’t think” and “get it all out.” Then get just enough and put it out there. Feedback from outside will guide me towards better product and or service. Remember, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

3. Get what you’re worth. Every human being shares the same underlying fear. I am not enough and I am not loveable. With this constantly humming in the background of all our decisions, it isn’t surprising why most don’t step up and claim what we are worth. If only you realised how much potential you have you would not delay in getting that pay rise or raising your fees. As soon as you do you will raise your game and or attract better quality clients. Increase this right now!

4. Systems – Trading time for money will only get you so far. Start to create systems that allow you the freedom to build another source of income which you can also systemise. This can be from outsourcing to Virtual PA’s, having an automotive payment system, delegating your lower value tasks to others who would value it highly.

5. What will it take? What type of questions is running through your head as you approach your challenges and problems? The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life. As you approach that challenge in your business or career and you want to get through to the other side. If it is a higher pay rise, your next profit goal or your next income stream. The question you will ask will have your subconscious mind looking for the answer. What will it take for me to earn 20% more annually? Write what comes up and get to work!

6. Sequential Strategy – Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed in the world of Quantum Physics. If you have a goal and you want to achieve it, sequential strategy increases your odds dramatically for you to reach your wealth goal! 1 option gives you around a 12% chance of hitting your goal, yet with 8 choices put it into the 80% range!

Write down 7-8 options to reach your goal, find what works and what doesn’t. You will likely find 2-4 that will and you put more time and money into that. This will increase your odds of hitting those big goals!

7. The Dr John Demartini Method – Linking your values to your financial goals will increase the odds of you smashing your results.

To fire your synapsis and get your neurons to form new connections this process though challenging can be so beneficial. Write 250 ways how reaching the new goal you have in mind will serve your highest values? You can find your highest values from my online course

8. Work out your hourly rate! If you know what you averagely earn you can work out tasks that you do that you may not value highly see that someone else would be happy to do at a rate lower than what you would pay yourself to do it. Once you list out those tasks and you are able to focus on the part of your work that brings in the money, you can begin to delegate to your Virtual PA who would value that task for more than you would. Which means they are happy and fulfilled and creating amazing results to allow you space and time to do what you do best!

9. Be seen as an authority! When I had my first event, I had a vision that I would be handing my book out. This book hadn’t been written yet, so I had to write a book to meet my vision and I had a deadline. Within 2 months my books were written and published and is an Amazon Best Seller – 21 Actions which you can find on Amazon. If you want to stand out and be seen as an authority figure in your sector/field then write a book (no more than 40-60 pages) and get it out there. Someone from somewhere may pick it up and resonate with your message and become a high paying client. It also helps you clarify what you are about for yourself and how you want to be heard.

10. Get up and speak! Getting on the circuit and being seen as a leader is a sure way of creating new clients and having your brand out for the world to see. You will be at networking events not just as an attendee but as someone who the attendees come and watch. Would it be easier to be seen as a leading figure? Absolutely! Are you more trustworthy? Definitely. You are out there, proof in the pudding that you have done the work to be able to get up on stage and talk. I offer an event called Your Event Maker that has you jump deep into action and to create your own event as well as much more. You can find out more by emailing [email protected]

11. High Priority! If you don’t set your high priority tasks for the day, your life will be consumed by a low priority task. Have your vision set out in front of you clearly. Break it down into goals and each morning set 6-7 high priority tasks that will have you get to your vision in the quickest time possible. If you do this every day you will compound your success exponentially.

12. The 7 Forces of Business Mastery! When you are in business for the first time or you are thinking of going into business for yourself it can be a little daunting.

We have heard many peoples stories of successes yet there are more failure stories for sure.

What makes the difference between the failures and the successes? Well, usually the failures stop trying! Everyone has failures along the way, it is unavoidable.

Yet some failures can hit so hard that it may seem impossible to get back up from.

Some failures are avoidable, so how do we avoid the avoidable?

We get the flashlight and shine it so we can see what is in front of us so we can predetermine our next steps, right?

It is simple! We as adults make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Tony Robbins is all about modelling, having a mentor who has already done what it is you want to do! There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. You may have an idea that no one has built before, yet the processes of taking it to where it needs to get to may have been done.

Each business has a life cycle and if you are not sure what lifecycle you are in you could be making decisions that are not aligned to where you are right now and could be a disaster!

Something you can follow right now is the 7 Forces of Business Mastery!

  1. An effective business map – How can you get to where you want to go without knowing the destination? If you have a map you can put the destination in your “GPS” and set sail. You will more likely get to your destination when you know where you are now and where you want to go as quickly as possible!
  2. Constant & Strategic Innovation – If you think what you have now without constant awareness of the market, how could you possibly know you are the most current and innovative product on the market? Knowing what is out there and what clients want will keep you ahead of others and have your clients staying and growing with you.
  3. World-Class Marketing – There are inferior products that are getting ahead! Why? Because they know their customers, what they want, the company knows there why which they can tell in compelling stories that customers buy into! Most sales and marketing is done via the What, How, Why model and this is not compelling for customers. If you want to copy the best, see how Apple does it! They go from the Why, How, What method! I got this insight from Simon Sinek who I would check out.
  4. Sales Mastery Systems – Now that you have people who know you are there, what will you do to get the sale? This is how you will keep operating and get you closer to your end goal in mind. You will need to create systems that will capture and convert in the most streamlined way possible.
  5. Financial and Legal Analysis – How clear are you on where the money of your business is going? If you are not measuring where your business is now, where it is going and not what but when those blind spots that may get you in trouble, you will likely steer your ship into dangerous territories. Get into a habit of measuring right away!
  6. Optimization – Rather than focusing on just new innovations the biggest profits can be made from what the company is already doing at the core! If you improve and optimise this, you may see bigger returns and exponential growth throughout.
  7. Raving Fan Customers – The place you want to reach, fans that stay with you through thick and thin! How? Meet your client’s needs and meet further needs they may not even know they have yet! Focus on adding as much value as you possibly can and they won’t go anywhere plus you will be growing and contributing beyond yourself. Win-win!

I wish you the best of luck on your exciting journey and remember, success builds on success so count all the little wins along the way.

Peace and love

Alex Roseman [email protected]