Einar is lovingly referred to as The Water Brewer’s in-house “Water Wizard.” Coming from Norway, a lang rich in waterways and fjords, Einar has always been passionate about water – its cleanliness, its potency, its aliveness.

Although Einar holds a graduate degree in Economy, Accounting, and Marketing through the Business School of Management at the Norges Markeds Hoyskole, NMH, his real passion has always been in the world of wholistic and spiritual health and wellness. In addition to his formalized education, he has completed two years of training in esoteric healing in color therapy through Eidis Kaas in Norway.

His mentors include: Torleig Stangeland, who has personally taught him through numerous years of apprenticing to accurately quantify the vibrational and healing qualities of living plants in connection with the human physiology; Sissel Tvedte, who has trained him in the art of Rebirthing through a three year intensive study in breath-work, past life regression, meditation and spirtual healing; Sotanar, renown gong master, who continues to provide ongoing support and coursework in kundalini yoga, gong meditation, and vibrational healing. Einar brings with him experiential and hands-on knowledge from water mentors like Viktor Schauberger (Austria), Johan Grander (Austria), and Center for Implosion Research (UK).

While living in Norway, Einer’s unfailing commitment to helping others with their personal and spiritual growth inspired him to become the founder of the Theosophical Society in Oslo, Norway, as well as hold active meditations via the World Goodwill and Triangles Global Alliance for eleven years.

For over nine years, Einar helped manage Helios, Norway’s largest biodynamic and antprosophical health food store, where he also played an active role in executive decision-making. It was during these years of working in Helios that Einar discovered his love for helping people to accessing real knowledge and empowering them with real tools for living conscious, healthful, and wholistic lifestyles.

Before moving to the United States with his wife, Wennifer, Einar was also running hos own business, called Living Waters and Health Foods.

It is with much joy and gratitude that Einar brings the The Water Brewery his lifelong passion, love, and experience with clean and conscious living.


As a proud mom of three kids and a lifelong advocate and researcher of natural birthing and eco-mothering, Wennifer is excited to share their Aquae A.M.O.R.E. water with you. In a way, this water beautifully embodies much of the wisdom that she had the privilege of learning through her years of research among traditional midwives and wise wo/men, where healing and wellness do not come from a pill or a quick-fix medical procedure, but the simple waters/tonics, herbs, and living foods that we drink and ingest on a day-to-day basis. The age-old adage “you are what you eat” translates well into “you are what you drink”, especially during such an important and transformational life passage as pregnancy, birthing, and nursing.

During the many years as an actively nursing mother, Wennifer learned to be careful with the foods she ate and the liquids she drank, knowing that anything and everything she consumed would be directly transformed into breastmilk for her baby. Because breastmilk is 88% water, Wennifer knew she had to be especially conscious with the quality of wter she drank, whether plain or via herbal teas, soups, or juices.

Wennifer happily gave-up drinking or cooking with water from the tap long ago due to a number of undesirable contaminants, toxins, and chemicals that fail to get removed from our municipal water supply; She ruled out drinking water from single-use plastic bottles due to the discovery of the female-hormone-altering chemicals BPA (bisphenol-A) and even BPS, not to mention all the accumulating waste that would result from it. Wennifer had 5-gallon jugs of “purified” reverse-osmosis water, both from sel-serve water dispensories and specal delivary services, but eventually stopped it all because she discovered that the prolonged use of such “empty” water leaches the body and bones of essential minerals. She had her husbend attach both over-the-counter and under-the-sink water filters that also had the capacity to alkalize and ionize, but realized, to her disappointment, that such “ionizing” systems alkalized through artificial means by damaging the structural integrity of the water and the were not heavy-duty enough for their county’s heavily-laden recycled waste water (better known as as tap water), as she could still taste and see the chalky murkiness despite its high pH.

So after years of searching and researchingg for quality drinking water for her family – one that is not only pure, but nourishing and energizing (as well as affordable for a family with hungry/thirsty little mouths to feed!).  Her husband, Einar, and Wennifer have finally taken it upon themsevelves to “brew” their own ideal elixir: Aquae A.M.O.R.E., meaning Waters of Love.