Knowing, understanding and seeing first hand the miracles produced through ozone therapy, Phil wanted to create a product that could be widely available. Olive Gold 03™ (OG03™) is that product. It is based on research originating in Europe, accumulated over 125 years, both in the commercial and medical areas. Over 7,000 practitioners are currently using Super Oxygen Therapy in Europe. OG03™ is a miraculous multi-purpose topical lotion used for health and beauty.

OLUYE GOLD03:A MIRACULOUS & PRECIOUS Multi-Purpose Topical Lotion, for Health and Beauty that May Help With: Neutralizing toxins and Harmful Pathogens by Adding an Abundance of Ozone oxygen plus other Vital Harmonious Elements. Enriching Brain Function, for Alertness and Mental Clarity. Pain. Enhancing Oxygen Vital Harmonious to the Muscles, Optimizing Performance, with Less Ache and Blood. More Energy Detoxification. Increased Assimilation of Nutrition. The Metabolism, for better Digestion and The Ability to Intercept Harmful Pathogens, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus. And Chemicals, etc. COSMETICALLY HELPING TO: Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles…Adding Texture to the Skin… Assisting Production of Collagen Protecting, Nourishing, and Moisturizing…Helping to Resolve a Variety of Skin and Related Issue’s. Providing a Reserve of Oxygen to the Body. Presenting a Greater Life Force as it Enriches Appearance & Health!

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